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İKİTELLİ Integrated Heath Campus


About Project

İkitelli Integrated Health Campus Project has been proposed by the Ministry of Health as part of the Public Private Partnership projects to be serve the European side of Istanbul. With its 2,682 bed capacity, it is the 3rd largest PPP Healthcare project in Turkey. Recently completed Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (3rd bridge crossing the Bosphorus), TEM access roads, and the planned subway route will ensure that the best healthcare services will be provided not only to the local communities but also to the residents of the city of Istanbul in the fastest and most comfortable way.

Related to the Project, an agreement has been signed between İSTANBUL PPP SAĞLIK YATIRIM A.Ş. and the Ministry of Health on January 15th, 2016. Under the terms of this agreement, İSTANBUL PPP SAĞLIK YATIRIM A.Ş. will be responsible for financing, detailed design, construction, and equipment procurement of the Integrated Health Campus during an investment period of 3 years. Then, İSTANBUL PPP SAĞLIK YATIRIM A.Ş. will provide 19 services for an operation period of 25 years, while the hospital administration and the provision of medical services will be under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health. At the end of the 28-year project period, the Integrated Health Campus will be transferred to the Ministry of Health. İkitelli Integrated Health Campus is expected to serve 60.000 visitors per day with its 9.500 employees, including medical doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and service providers.

The Project comprises of an integrated health campus with a total capacity of 2,682 beds, consisting of five buildings (3 hospital buildings and 2 auxiliary facility buildings) and eight hospitals.

The hospital buildings are 2,330-bed Main Hospital, 152-bed Psychiatric Hospital and 200-bed Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Hospital.

The Main Hospital Building, composed of a main core and six towers, will include:

  • 469-bed General Hospital;
  • 397-bed Children’s Hospital;
  • 459-bed Women’s Hospital;
  • 367-bed Oncology Hospital;
  • 311-bed Neurology and Orthopedics Hospital
  • 327-bed Cardiovascular Hospital.

Expected to be installed around 2.000 seismic isolators in its Main Hospital Building, İkitelli Integrated Health Campus will become “The World’s Largest Building with Seismic Isolators” when completed.

In addition to the hospital buildings, there will be a Facility Management and Logistics Building, a Technical Service Building, three helipads, and a tri-generation plant.